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July 06, 2008


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» Re-release: Graceling from MiniBookExpo For Bloggers
Due to an issue with shipping destinations (this title can not be shipped to the US), 1 of the claimed copies of Graceling has been made available again. To claim this book leave a comment in the original release post: [Read More]

» Review: Graceling from Local Blogger Writes the World
Graceling Gracelings are people gifted with abilities far above what anyone could call a talent. Katsa is gifted with the ability to run faster, strike harder and kill anyone better than anyone who has ever lived. Graceling is the author Kristen Casho... [Read More]

» Book Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore from The Dramaturge At Home
As part of the MiniBookExpo, hosted by the fabulous Alexa Clark, I snagged a pre-release copy of Kristin Cashore's debut teen/youg-adult novel, Graceling. I love MiniBookExpo - if you haven't headed over there yet and snagged a book to review, [Read More]


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